Practice Notes: Koken

From Sean Akahane-Bryen
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Installing Koken

  • Ensure the MySQL database for Koken is encoded in UTF-8. An early symptom if the database is otherwise encoded: special characters in long, randomly generated may prevent Koken from establishing a database connection.[1]

Publishing to Koken

  • The Lightroom publishing plug-in for Koken will fail to upload to servers which force HTTPS. This can be fixed by editing KokenAPI.lua inside koken.lrplugin as described at the bottom of this page by the user 'Urbexer'.
  • Creating album sets will break a Koken website if MySQL is running in Strict mode. Strict mode can be disabled thusly.

Managing Metadata

This is probably dangerous, but editing Koken's SQL tables directly using a database manager with a GUI has been much faster than waiting for thumbnails to load in order to, for example, change the sorting pattern of several albums. It is also the only way I've been able to delete albums which Koken's back-end is unable to delete.


  1. Koken Help: Database connection error: Access denied for user 'xxxxxx'@'localhost' (using password: YES)